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About ESO

ESO Live Well is a wellness collective in Newport Beach, CA offering services in healing the mind, body, and spirit. Our team is made up of teachers, doctors, coaches, and mentors that use a variety of holistic healing modalities such as yoga, meditation, Pilates, physical therapy, nutrition, sound, and energy work to help clients on their path to wellness.

At ESO, we believe in the power of connection and are inspired by our community. We specialize in private, semi-private services, small group classes, workshops, and retreats. Together as a collective we are able to help clients achieve their goals by not only a variety of services, but by collaborating together as team to best support the needs of each individual client.

Our Method

Our focus is client driven and we understand that each person is an individual and should be treated as such. There is no “one size fits all” in wellness and we are here to help you discover your unique mix that leaves you feeling healthy, energized, and empowered to live your best life.

Our passion lies in teaching and education and stems from a love of the human body, mind, and spirit. We see the beauty and the connection of the three, how intricate our anatomy is and the energy of our spirit within it, and work to share that beauty and intricacy with our clients. Through precision in teaching and a strong understanding of the human body and the connection to the mind and spirit, we are able to offer our clients an approach that brings results; a way to relieve clients of stress, pain, and discomfort while empowering them to live more confidently and joyfully in their bodies and lives.

Above all, we respect and understand that healing takes time and patience. Unfortunately, there is no “quick fix” to regaining strength, health, and overall wellness, but there is a path and journey that is available to ALL! And our team is here to support you along the way, however long that may be, because we know there is no rushing to the healing process. We believe in change over time, compassion, and commitment and are dedicated to supporting clients through their process.

We’ll see you back in the studio soon, for now, please enjoy our Live Stream classes, IGTV, and our NEW YouTube channel. Stay healthy, friends!

This Week's Classes

Group Classes

At ESO, all group classes are small and intimate by nature with a maximum of 10 clients per class. Teachers know their clients and students know each other. With this format our teachers are able to give hands on attention and guidance to all of our clients while providing a comfortable and safe environment suitable for all ages and demographics.

Teachers and clients are able to build and grow a relationship over time based on trust and the shared desire to learn and grow. Instruction is precise, thoughtful, and delivered with compassion as we understand that your mat can be a very vulnerable place. So come join us—elevate your mind, body, and spirit.

Pilates Springboard

This class is a total body workout. The Springboard offers the abilities of the Pilates Cadillac, but in a Pilates Mat setting. In this class you build strength and flexibility by performing a combination of Pilates tower, Pilates Mat, and yoga movements in combination and in coordination with breath. You will improve flexibility, increase muscle strength and tone, particularly of your abdominal muscles, lower back, hips and buttocks. All levels welcome.

Specialty Classes

Specialty classes and series at ESO offer a platform for our community to build a community within our community. We collaborate with local experts to bring you fun, interesting, new, creative, and interactive classes to help you dive deeper into your wellness. These classes are best taken together as a series, but you’re always more than welcome to purchase a drop in.

Private Services

We understand the importance of 1-1 instruction and have seen the value first hand. Private services are a great way to not only refine your practice, but to get hands on care specific to your body and it’s needs. They give clients the opportunity to learn their mind and body in a deeper way with out any distractions. Additionally, private sessions empower clients to move more confidently in their bodies in ALL other modes exercise preventing injury and giving clients the freedom to continue their desired activities while also feeling great!


We love to bring in local experts, community leaders, and people passionate about wellness to offer their unique services st ESO. Workshops are single day events at ESO and a great way to explore wellness topics more in depth.


We love to travel and wellness retreats are a great way to embody the holistic philosophy and approach at ESO. Together, as a community, we are able to create adventure, explore new places, escape the every day, and find peace, freedom, rejuvenation, and most importantly, balance!

Work with Us

We love to collaborate at ESO! Aside from wellness services, we also offer the space to individuals, wellness professionals, and brands to rent for private events, professional services and collaborations.

Our Team

Our team is made up of teachers, doctors, coaches, and mentors that use a variety of holistic healing modalities such as yoga, meditation, Pilates, physical therapy, nutrition, sound, and energy work to help clients on their path to wellness. Read about all of our team members.

Our Location

Take Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) or Interstate 55 and find us on Newport Blvd. We are located on the right side of Newport Blvd. between 28th and 29th Streets (a little past Avila’s El Ranchito).

Parking at ESO

There is ample parking available near the studio, even during high traffic months.

Metered Parking Spots
• Directly in front of studio on Newport Blvd (always open)
• 28th and 29th Streets and other nearby streets surrounding the studio

Nearest Metered Lots
1. 30th Street
2. 28th Street

Parking Meter App
Download the ParkMobile App to make parking even easier. Pay directly from your phone and get alerted when meter is timing out.

Free Neighborhood Parking
A quick walk and only 1-2 blocks away. Right off Balboa Blvd between 30th and 28th streets. Be sure to check street signs for street cleaning days.

Walk or Bike
Bring your own lock and park it on the side of the studio

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